Monday, July 25, 2011

Posting a post!

Hi all, this is my first post, I've been following some of your work and enjoying the posts for awhile now.I'd Just like to share some of my latest work, work that I'm really enjoying. I had to do 3 black and white pages of a comic for college during the year and we were told to explore a style of our own and I found I really enjoyed fine liner and stipple, particularly when illustrating animals with such unique form. These Lapwings are amazing looking birds that really inspired me, they are on tracing paper as I love the delicate effect it gives when inked on with fine liner.

I use alot of different media and styles, I find I just love to explore and as I begin to work I get lost in it like when you're writing a letter to someone you're very close to and you get caught up in sharing all your news with them, every detail your scribbling away in anticipation of the understanding and joy they'll have when they read it and reply!
I'm looking forward to more posts, and sharing work and inspiration together!
Thanks for the oppertunity to share mine with you,
love Marianne.


Claire said...

Hey Marianne.
The Lapwings are fabulous. Like two ladies dressed up for the races!
Thanks for sharing.

Jane O Sullivan said...

nice work marianne
welcome to tinderbox :)

Yellowhammer said...

Nice lapwings Marianne, we have a few around here in the bog. I like the way ypu drew the crests, look forward in seeing more of your work. Alan

Pict-ish! said...

Thank you for your lovely comments, and the welcome :) I'm enjoying being a tinderboxer!