Gods and Monsters of Tomorrow is a book of poetry, short stories and artwork by 22 Irish-based authors and artists. Want to know more? Then just click on this sidebar!

Gods and Monsters of Tomorrow is a book of poetry, short stories and artwork by 22 Irish-based authors and artists.

The book was conceived, edited and designed by Emma Rowe, and Elida Maiques, founding members of the printing imprint Monsters of Tomorrow Press and members of the Dublin based art collective the Tinderbox Network. We are well-experienced in self-publishing either as individuals or as a collective. Having worked, struggled and strived for a number of months on this project we have reached a point were we have published a high quality book, doing justice to the work within. We see the project to be the building blocks of future high quality publications for the Monsters of Tomorrow Press and Tinderbox Network Members.

The project's theme started with the documentary "Into Eternity", which led us to Onkalo, Finland. Home to a nuclear repository that must remain sealed and hidden for 100,000 years.

We invited some of our favourite authors and artists to produce a piece in response to Onkalo. In their work we encounter fairy tales, science-fiction, apocalyptic futures, mutations, dreams and the madness of science. Their writing ranges from resonating poems to short stories to monologues. The visual pieces range from delicate pencil drawings, to comic/graphic narrative to digital art.The work of the contributing authors and artists is among the most interesting being produced in Ireland today.

We are eternally grateful for their wiliness to contribute to the project, and their patience.

Authors:Jane Burns, Deborah Coffey, Jessica Maybury, Clodagh O'Brien, Niall OConnor, Eithne Reynolds, Marcos Rubio, Gar Shanley, and Evelyn Walsh.

Artists: Philip Barrett, Katie Blackwood, Michael Cawley, Eoghan Carroll, Elida Maiques, Damien Martin, Steven Maybury, Esther Moliné, Denise Nestor, Michelle Cunningham, Jane O'Sullivan, Emma Rowe, ShelkyBean and Yellowhammer.

The Printing costs for Gods and Monsters of Tomorrow were raised through Fundit, an on-line fund raising platform that helps bring projects to reality in return for rewards. The money we raised helped us to print the book to the high quality it deserved. Any remaining funds are going to distribution and promotion efforts. Any proceeds from the book itself will be used to fund our next publishing project. We owe a MASSIVE debt of gratitude to our funders. And their rewards for generosity will be with them in the coming weeks.

We printed the book with The Picture Works, who have extraordinary green credentials and who went to great lengths to ensure a handsome finish for a deeply beautiful book. An especially big thank you to Orla at The Picture Works for time, patience and love for Gods and Monsters of Tomorrow.

If you would like to get hold of a copy of Gods and Monsters of Tomorrow then please contact Emma at roweemma@gmail.com. 

A launch for this book will be held on Friday the 19th October 2012 at the Little Green Gallery, 13 High Street, Dublin 8.

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