Friday, December 31, 2010

do you KNOW its that time already ??

happy new year y'all

hello all at tinderbox.
I just wanted to let you know that I really was pleased with how the heartstrings project came together ....collaboration at its finest.
Also...well done to everyone for all that you have achieved this year in your personal work,little improvements to what you want to do\be ...etc.
...........keep being brave ....who knows what you/we can achieve next.
jane xx
that nick cave is singing to you personally

Monday, December 20, 2010


Here is a participation to a french collective project based on the Advent calendar except that instead chocolates, you will find some draws !

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Careful now 4 versions

Thank you for your feedback on this.
I am really learning a lot through Tinderbox.
Please, see the versions you suggested, all in one page.

:] elida.

PS Claire, I tried a darker shading but it was too imposing.
Also, about publishing it in the press, my idea was to send out postcards addressed to the editors of different papers, but if you can recommend another approach, I am all ears!

PS Yellowhammer, those cartoon cave men are by the fantastic Juan Giner, and very difficult to translate, but I will try.

Christmas Card 2011

2011 Christmas card, made of paper sculpture.
I wish you a very happy
Christmas to all of you!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dublin snow walk

Dublin snow walk
Originally uploaded by Esther Moliné
I really enjoy taking photos of people passing graffiti. Here's one I took recently during the snowy days in Dublin.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Careful now

Hey there,

A drawing inspired by this month's rollercoaster: bailout, snow, ice, budget, meltdown. And the few times I fell on my bum.

I want to fine tune this drawing so advice and comments are welcome on any of its parts (drawing, text, colour, design)
Thank you!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Twiggy Christmas card

Well, here's the Christmas greeting version of my idea this morning, I'll definitely do cards out of this for next year! I actually left the h in 'Christmas' out at first, put the photo into the computer, realized my mistake, had to get off my comfortable slippers again and put on the wellies, off to the garden again to fix the spelling mistake...

Tinderbox Winter banner

Hi everybody! Just a bit of fun I had this morning with the banner idea. Thought of doing something on the snow before it's all gone. Could clone out that little spot under the i, didn't notice it when i was taking the photo! I reduced the size to the dimensions you said, Elida, is that size alright?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tinderbox banners!

The question is: wanna play the banner game?
Let us all make Tinderbox banners!
Let us refresh the blog with them.

Deadline: January 8th (one whole month to think and do)
Dimensions: 818 pixels wide by 150-200 pixels high at 72 dpi
Freestyle: photograph it, draw it, paint it, stitch it, cut it, sculpt it, surprise us all.
Send to: tinderboxnetwork[at]

We will have a ton of banners to keep the blog fresh and it will be fab to see the wide variety of styles!
So that is my question!
Wanna play the banner game? 

Christmas cuts

Here's some of my cards for the Christmas Crafty Market. Would love to see other Tinderboxer's cards up here for anyone who couldn't make it to the market like me!

Melted Record Bowls!

So easy, you just melt and go!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

mr steve o'connor


i'd like to introduce you to my good friend mr steve o'connor, this rascal is currently living in new york, and he's just uploaded his brand new website - . i very much encourage you to visit the website, and pronounce it, aloud, to all your friends and enemies.

all the best,

your pal,

mr steve mccarthy

Christmas Magic.....

I had a little Christmas stocking workshop in my kitchen, listening to Christmas FM, these are some of  the results..x
Ive taken up knitting, this is the first completed thing I`ve made, a cowl scarf.
Knitting fever has now landed!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Tinderbox at the Crafty Market!

Hi everybody, here are some photographs of the Tinderbox basket of Christmas cards at the Crafty Market yesterday. There were some sales, some cards did better than others in that respect, but they all got looked at and admired by people, great feedback on all of them, so well done to everybody! It’s a pity some of the cards didn’t make it on time because of the snow.

The money collected in total for the cards was 25 euro. I noted down what the individual earnings were. If each person is happy for all or part of the money earned by them to go towards the funding of the next Tinderbox project let me know.

After the experience, I think a few things could have been done better display-wise, and may be for next time we could think of the following:

- Container for the cards: Although quite a few people flicked through the cards in the basket, I felt they weren’t paying attention to the dividers I’d made, I don’t think they really worked, some people were still asking me if I’d made some cards that weren’t mine! I left some cards outside the basket onto the table and those got looked at more. If I’d had more space I’d have put more cards onto the table like that. May be next time if a table is just booked for Tinderbox cards or another project they could all just be spread onto the table. Also some of the cards, like Elida’s, had a lot of interesting detail on the inside but when people were flicking through they were just looking at what was on the cover.

- Pricing and information about the cards: as the prices of the cards varied I decided not to put a price onto Claire’s poster and just let people ask. I had a separate sheet with all the details but I didn’t have room to put it beside the basket. I feel a lot of people don’t buy something when they don’t see the price is right there, are reluctant to ask. Halfway through I put on a little sticker onto the table saying ‘hand-made cards from 2 euro’ and may be it was just coincidence but there were some sales made after that. I should have put that onto the space Claire left on her poster but at the time I thought it would spoil it. Again, just spreading the cards onto a table would have been better for that. Prices and other information about the cards could have been put on clearly beside each set of cards.

So anyway, I think it was a great experience, well worth it. Thanks a lot to everybody that took part and that helped me with the preparations and on the day of the market.

If anybody hears or can think of another opening for the Tinderbox Xmas cards before Christmas we could get all the cards together again, but I won’t be able to organize it this time, too busy! But there’s always next year. May be we could book a table just for the Tinderbox Christmas cards between a few of us, what do you think, one with space for two people at least to sit behind, we didn’t have that this time! May be other artwork could be displayed along with the cards too.

Well, in the meantime, just in case I don’t visit the blog again before, HAPPY CHRISTMAS to everybody!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Potatographic Xmas cards

This is a taste of the 30 potatographies I made for the (Tinder)Box at the Crafty Market.

I love potatography!