Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tinderbox Zine 6 !!!!!!!!

Hi all

So myself (Emma R) and the wonderful Elida have been thinking of producing a Zine as both of us did not fancy going it alone we joined forces. We have been batting ideas back and forth on what we would like it to be. We both had the mind set that it would be produced to a specific brief; most zines till now have been an accompaniment to exhibitions. This zine of course will accompany future exhibitions but could also be sold in say places like the Winding Stair. Secondly we would invest more in its production and finish.
What we wish to do is a landscape sized, A5 format, colour printed and a cloth-covered spine. In order to achieve a finish of a high standard we would ask that those that wish to submit would pay for the pages they use. For instance I wish to use four pages and would be quite willing to contribute to what I use in order to get a high quality finish. Please check these links out as to what we aim for. Nobrow was something I looked and Elida at Cabanon Press. So you can see we both are on the same zine page (insert groan here). please take a look at this Nobrow press book in particular. A bunch of creatives where ask to reinterred the beginning of time story. One choose a nordic folk tale, other's a spiritual approach, some scientific other where very tongue in cheek. So you can see that a theme can have many different approaches and styles.   

We are thinking about other forms of money raising/funding, with the aim that this will not be the only zine created. But a group contribution is what we are looking for, for this zine.

Ok! So, the evolution of theme. Elida and myself were both affected by a documentary called Into Eternity. (It’s about what to do with nuclear waste that has to be hidden for 100,000 years and thus the implications of this, it’s quite fascinating because language as we know it now may not be enough to warn future generations. 100,000 years is a looonnnggg time). Please see link below for a more in-depth look and explanation. Not knowing that each of us had seen it we pitched it to each other as something that spoke to different themes we both were exploring so it was quite serendipitous.

Subtitle: Monsters of tomorrow

Gods and Monsters, I know it’s a movie title but it has a ring to it. We can change it around.  I won’t go too in-dept into the themes myself and Elida talked about as regards our own work because I don’t want to limit your interpretations of what the title can mean to you guys. Maybe you see duality in this title, I was thinking we maybe need new fairy tales as warnings for new monsters, Elida was concerned with waste and its longevity. We hope that many things can be woven by your minds into this title. The links I hope will be of help. Leave your thoughts and intentions of interest here and Elida and myself will get building.

We were also thinking of inviting the fabulous writers of Fighting Words to collaborate with us once again, writing texts around the Gods and Monsters/Monsters of Tomorrow theme, that we could illustrate.

P.S. Deadline will follow soon. 

Grow Your Own City [colour]

Yellowhammer, this is for you, since you kept asking when would I post a colour version of this.
The colours are those of the streets of Dublin.
I like it, but also, the text seems to vanish. Hmmm.

I welcome advice!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

home sweet home zine ....etc

Hi Y'all
been kinda busy with dodging the horendous rain and wind here in Mayo and zoning in on all things cozy and interior .
It was so horrid , I gave my market stall a miss yesterday (anyone lend me a tenner ?)
I have just made an installation in the museum of country life , its temporary ,responding to our feelings around home and involved over 20 artists , mostly working outside, lucky me escaped the elements and was to be found importantly placing primroses around a dolls house know , all in a days work !!
BUT the bit I really enjoyed making was the zine.
I bought a mini zine from nathalia of stitchy press when I was at the independants day fair last year with our very own tinderbox heartstrings collection song drawings extravaganza.
I put it away and then was reminded of this super handy and so do-able format when I spied it on miss maiques totally smashing blog.
As you can see it is a mere A4 page ,folded in a certain way ,which I cut and pasted manually my images and then got photocopied to give away to those clever enough to spy the little message within my museum within a museum .
If you are really more than interested there are simply loads more images and info on my very own blog ..ok ?
jane x

Monday, May 16, 2011

Tinderbox Summer Skill Exchange

Hello Tinderboxers
I have had a few enquiries recently about our skill exchange workshops and I was wondering if any of you talented Tinderboxers would be interested in sharing your skills.

Skill Exchange Workshops
• Life Drawing
• Lino Printing
• Zine Making
• Collage Workshop
• Web Design Basics
• Photography Basics
• Digital Illustration
• Animation
• Proposals and suggestions welcome
The aim of these workshops is to share skills and encourage collaboration. Admission fees should be kept as low as possible and used entirely to cover the costs of materials plus a small fee for the teacher/workshop leader.
What you will need:
• Cheap / free venue
• Lesson plan / project-brief or outline of a project to be completed within the workshop. This should include an introduction to the topic.
• Materials / info in advance for participants to bring the right materials
• Refreshments. This isn't essential, but at previous workshops we supplied some wine and soft drinks at the end of the session. It gives participants a chance to chat about their experience and give feedback.
It can be a very rewarding experience to share your skills with others. If you are interested in volunteering or if one of these workshops appeals to you, please post a comment below or contact me
tinderboxnetwork [at]

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Hey guys,

some of you might remember waaay back, i posted a wee project i was working on called SOUVENIR, lots of you joined in, which is fantastic! but its been a while now so i thought i better update you.

souvenir is an experimental exhibition project using old fashioned mail and futuristic e-mail. you can take part by sending a postal address to:

there are 96 people signed up already, from all over the world, but i have 100 pieces of artwork to post so i need 4 more. i hope to see the project evolve in regular audio visual mixtape with lots of fun spin offs. issue 1 is ready to go, and i can't wait to finnish issue 2

all the best,
your pal mr steve mccarthy

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Moate Culture Night

Good news Tinderboxers, I have secured a shared exhibition space for a Tinderbox exhibit as part of Moate Culture Night in about two months time (date to be announced). The event will be listed in the National Culture Night brochure. Darren Doyle of Studio93 is heading the event and has agreed to showcase our work. It's an external space with a fantastic stone archway which will house most of the work.

A table will be set up to accomodate cards, prints, whatever you have. Framed pieces can be hung, (we are looking into this), and if any of you have installation pieces that would survive the Irish weather that would be great too.

So, expressions of interest are welcome, send them to me here or at: nagle.ab(at)
I am in Dublin on the 28th-29th May if any of you would like me to pick up stuff, but we can organise to collect the work at a later date. Those of you outside Ireland, email me if you would like to post something over, or we can print here if that is easier.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mossy Nolan album cover

Hey everyone,

haven't posted any of my own stuff on here in a while so here's my most recently completed project, which is also my largest ever papercut!
My friend Mossy wanted me to do a papercut that he could photograph and print as an A3 poster that would also fold up to hold the cd inside. I did it A1 size so the small detail would be easier to cut out and it features scenes from the 10 songs on the album intertwining around Mossy playing his mandolin, which is the front cover after it's folded.
You can check out more pics of it on my blog here (didn't want to be clogging the place up here!)

Monday, May 9, 2011

I Heard You Looking

Hey folks, just thought I'd share something I’ve been working on over the last few days. It’s a Tumblr blog called I Heard You Looking. I’ve basically been uploading imagery and music which I feel enhance each other or play off each other in interesting ways. Maybe some of ye might like it. I've also set up a Facebook page for people who aren't on Tumblr but would still like to follow the blog.

thank you elida

would not violets grow from her heart
a solo show of new work

jane o'sullivan
custom house studio gallery
co mayo
on till june 6th

as dear elida mentioned in the below post :)
I have indeed just opened my first (absolutely) solo show .
I have worked as an artist for like .....ever, happily showing within a group scenario.
I still love mostly to work collaboratively but I was awarded this show after many many applications.
I am delighted with it,it is just what I had imagined and the gallery space is just beautiful.

If you like take a look at my own blog you can see more images of the opening !
I will film a little virtual tour of my show over the next few days and I will post that , I feel it will be the best representation of the work.
Hey guys , thanks so much for the lovely messages and interest.
After all its the work that has to fly off now, not me (but it hears your love and respect xx)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Would Not Violets Grow From Her Heart

See the beautiful invitation to Jane O'Sullivan's solo show "Would Not Violets Grow From Her Heart", opening tonight.

If you find yourselves in Co. Mayo, this is the place to go:
Custom House Studios Gallery,
The Quay, Westport,
Co. Mayo.

Until June 6th.

(Since she has not posted this, I shamelessly did!)
:] elida.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Zine possibilities

Hi guys! I've been going through my photos looking for a possible image or images for the next Tinderbox zine. Would love to get your opinion about these three possibilities. I took the first photo this morning in town using my zoom trick. The other two are older shots. The one in the middle is a reflection of the Ha'Penny (obviously) of which I have a vertical version which is better than this I think, but I was thinking of Elida's suggestion for a landscape format. The last photo is an upside down reflection taken at Ballydehob (West Cork) last Summer. Could you give me your honest opinion about them? Be as critical and brutal as you like, please!
Also, I'm going to apply for a spot at the Crafty Market on Saturday the 18th of June. This would probably be too early for the new zine to be ready (would it?) but I could display some of the older zines at my stall, and any sales from them would go towards funding the next zine or any future projects of course.