Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Starting to feel Christmassy in Paris

Galleries LaFayette decorations. I'm not usually excited by Christms decorations, but this was so very pretty. Click on the image for the full effect.

Snoods for the Snow......

Hello lads and lassies, Hope you`ve all got your hot water bottles up your jumpers!
Heres a glimpse of some snoods, neckpieces, belts and brooches I`m making.
Some more pics at www.folksong-designs.blogspot.com or Folksong Designs at facebook.
Thanks. Appreciate your support
keep Warm and Toasty.Sinéad x

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dublin Christmas cards

At last I've settled on a design for my cards for the Tinderbox Christmas cards box at the Crafty Market next Sunday! I was very happy it snowed this weekend, because I wasn't totally convinced with the images I had thought of using. I was out yesterday and today taking photographs around the city centre. I have three other images I'll use on the cards as well as these ones.
For making the cards I used A4 card paper which I cut in half. Took me ages to figure out how to get the Merry Xmas message and my copyright details at the back to print onto the right place onto the A4 sheet! I'm printing the photos onto white card paper, cutting and glueing them onto the cards. What do you think of them?

Friday, November 26, 2010

Tinderbox Xmas cards poster

Hi, everybody! This is the poster designed by Claire that's going to be put onto the Tinderbox Xmas card box-hamper at the Crafty Market on Sunday the 5th of December, I love its antique look, I think it's going to look wonderful!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tinderbox Xmas card case

Hi everybody! This is the case that's finally going to represent Tinderbox at the Crafty Market on the 5th of December. It was originally a hamper. It's going to hold Christmas cards designed by different Tinderbox artists. I'm going to make some dividers out of some burgundy red card paper I have at home with the names of the artists on the top so as to make it clear for people flicking through the cards. So far contributing are Leo, Michael, Yellowhammer, Elida, Lucky Fish, Emma, Damien and Michelle. Claire is going to send me a poster that I'll put onto the top part of the lid. Hopefully the case will get to travel to other markets as the opportunities come up before Christmas. If you want more information about this or want your cards to go into the case too send a message to:

Could everybody also send me their name as they want it to appear onto the divider, please?

See you all on the 5th, looking forward to seeing your cards!

P.s. What do people think of the tinsel? I could leave it out, the case with the cards and Claire's poster should be Christmassy enough. Also debating about whether to put on some very small red Xmas lights I have at home, battery operated, around the top part of the lid.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


hi guys, i just wanted announce a little project i've been working on called souvenir, souvenir will be a visual mix-tape, sent out every fortnight, containing exclusive artwork, invites and music playlists. this is no big deal, but definitely something i'd like to share.

if you think you would like to take part - just send an e-mail to - sendmeasouvenir@gmail.com


your pal,

mr steve mccarthy - www.mrstevemccarthy.com

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Documentary Project

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to show my preliminary poster for an upcoming documentary I'm working on about my Grandmother. She has been in a home now for a couple of years and suffers from Alzhemiers. Through this documentary I hope to show that Alzheimers is not the end for your friends or loved ones, you haven't lost them, all you have to do is hold on to them. The documentary focuses on the relationship between my mother and my Grandmother and how through constant visits and a lot of love, the woman we knew will never be lost.

Hope you like the poster and any feedback would be much appreciated.



Sunday, November 14, 2010

I saw this yesterday...

...in the Irish Times, under an article about Take That - Tinderbox!

Well done lads and ladies

Friday, November 12, 2010

Matthew Griffin - Punt magazine cover - step by step

Saw this on the Scamp.ie site. Its a great piece on how Matthew Griffin responded to a "do anything you like" brief for the cover of Punt Magazine

Concern Fastival 2010

Hey everyone,

I recently did character designs & illustrations for the Concern Fastival 2010 TV ad.

The fast is taking place on the 25th & 26th November & there's also gigs & other activities taking place across the country on those nights with all the proceeds going to Concern.

You can find out more about the Fast on www.concernfastival.net or you can register online here. And if you don't feel like taking part you can always sponsor me on this link!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

London Exhibition Space - Free!

Hi Guys,

If anyone is London based or fancies having their work shown here, a gallery down the road from me has fantastic offer. Its near the top of Holloway Road.

Exhibition space is free, and they dont take commission on the work. A "very small charge towards running costs will be required" but thats not bad deal overall!

Think its 3 week slots from February to July.

"TO AND FOR began as a roving gallery in Archway, utilising empty commercial properties as exhibition and workshop space. Since it's inception in July 2009, TO AND FOR's reputation and following has steadily grown, now establishing itself as a more permanent gallery on the Holloway Road and also running creative workshops and an eclectic range of one-off artist talks and events.  Our sole aim is to provide a platform for fresh and innovative artists while simultaneously filling a void in the provision for contemporary arts in this area of London. A registered charity, voluntarily run and taking no commission for any artworks sold, TO AND FOR wants to give an insight into current artistic practices and to create an inviting gallery setting where ideas can be created and exchanged.

TO AND FOR Gallery is now calling for exhibition proposals from single artists or groups of artists to take over the space for up to three weeks in between February and July 2011.

Each proposal submitted will undergo a selection process by a panel of gallery trustees and gallery volunteers. All ideas for proposals will be accepted but the selection panel may favour those proposals that are innovative or have a clear concept or that bare some relevance to the area surrounding the gallery.

 Hire of the exhibition space is free of charge.

A very small charge towards running costs will be required and printed publicity is to be provided by the contributing artist(s). We also ask that the artist(s) commit to some of the invigilation of the exhibition  as we believe this enhances our visitors’ experience of the exhibition if the artist is on hand to talk about and discuss their work, and we aim to create a nice atmosphere for people to meet and interact! TO AND FOR volunteers will also assist with invigilation.

All the info is at their site below:

Be cool to have Tinderbox exhibition over here too!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tinderbox at Independents Day and an idea

Hi everybody! Here's a picture of Tinderbox at Independents Day. Elida's wonderful headphones creation to listen to the Heartstrings Collective drawings' songs were popular!
Click below for some more photos of the day:



ART EXHIBITION SLIDESHOW: myself and Elida had entries in it. I wonder if it would be possible to have a Tinderbox entry for another year, may be with people submitting one work each around a certain topic? Or we could also try at another exhibition place somewhere else. I've been looking around the web and found this place, seems quite good:
Ormond Studios

I could check out how much it would be and if everybody taking part chips in a bit it should be quite affordable. If anybody else has any suggestions for an exhibition space, put in a comment here. My idea is for this exhibition to include any type of art: photography, illustration, film (if the space can accommodate screenings), anything, as long as it's all around whichever topic we choose! Post any ideas you might have about this on the blog please.

Another idea would be to do the exhibition based around Jane's wonderful Heartstrings Collective song drawings project, which already produced such great work for Independents Day (scroll down the posts please) and opening it to further submissions by photographers and other kinds of artists. What do you think about it Jane?

Till next time. May be I'll meet quite a few of you at the Photography Auction in aid of Alzheimers (see my previous post)!


Pepper Morrison, a report on Independents' Day

For those who could not make it to the Independents' Day fair, here is a fun report with pictures by the great Pepper Morrison.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tinderbox Heartstrings Collective (song drawings) WAS massive !!!!!!

ciaran l channelling sinnitta
jane agus elida
the front cover of zine
Hi everyone , just a teaser of whats to follow when I regain control over my mind \hand movements !
We took lots of photos at the stall and will post them soon soon soon .
Just to say , it WAS worth all the hard work , it will and CAN lead on to so many other things , it was lovely to meet you elida,esther,eoghan, lucky , sarah, leo, emma and ciaran .
We had fun at the stall and felt really part of the day.
I have kept a zine for all those who collaborated on the project , it costs 6 euro = 1.50 P&P This covers the printng etc ...any extra monies will go towards the next chapter of heartstrings.
Please let me know a.s.a.p if you want one as they are nearly all gone .
So that will be the first limited edition of 20 in that particular form . Please mention this on facebook, it may be of interest to tinderboxers that may not be paying attention on the blog :)
No worries if you were not able to be in on this , you are keeping tinderbox going however you are able to support it and if you would like to mix it up for the next chapter .....please please do not be shy,put up a suggestion on the blog .

Monday, November 8, 2010

Tinderbox at Independents Day and a photography event announcement

Hi, everybody! Here's some of the wonderful drawings done on the tablecloth of the Tinderbox Stall at Independents Day yesterday by some of the artists collaborating in the Heartstring Collection project organized by Jane. It was a great day, really enjoyed meeting everybody and the Heartstring Collection did really well!
I have a quick announcement to make for people interested in photography, sorry it's such short notice but I only found out about this over the weekend. There's going to be a photography auction on the 25th of November in aid of the Alzheimer Society of Ireland and today is the closing date for submission of photographs. You email the photo to them and if your photo is chosen you'll be asked to print it yourself but the mounting or framing can be done by the event organizers if you so choose. Photo size must be 8R (8” X 10”) or 10R (10” X 12”) and the donated photographs will receive 5% of the bid. More details here:
Photography Auction in aid of The Alzheimer Society of Ireland

I'm going to attend whether my photo gets chosen or not and I thought it would be a good opportunity to get other people from Tinderbox that are interested in photography together, or anybody at all, even if you're not so much into photography you might like to go there too!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Missing songs


I am putting all the songs in an mp3 player, so people buying the Heartstrings album/publication can listen to the songs that triggered those fan tas tic drawings.

I have collected all the songs except:

- Half Light1 by Arcade Fire (drawn by Alan Nagle)

- Everybody is talking at me by Harry Nilsson (?) (drawn by Emma Rowe) (GOT IT NOW, thank you Emma)

- All you need is love was not true by Xinlisupreme (drawn by Ciaran L.) (GOT IT NOW, thanks Ciaran)

- Wake Me Up When September Comes (by Green Day) (drawn by Noirin)

Could any of you, tinderboxers email them to me? elida.maiques[at]gmail.com

Thanks a lot!

:] elida.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Who and When at Tinderbox stall, Independents' Day

Let me summarise who offered to be at the stall at what times.
Jane, Esther, and myself will be around all day, so we can fill the gaps.
Leo, Lucky Fish, Sarah, don't worry, you won't be alone there!

Leo 12-1pm
Lucky Fish and Ciaran L. 1-2pm
Emma Rowe 2-3pm
Sarah Bowie 3-4pm

If anybody else is interested, please say so. Always more fun to have a friend with you at the stall.
:] elida.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tinderbox Heartstrings, cover for Yellowhammer

Yellowhammer, the rest you will have to come and see!
:]] elida.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tinderbox Heartstrings Collective - a 7'' cover

Hi all,
This is an appetizer: I found a bunch of 7'' gems like this in Spain.
For the Heartstrings Song Drawings project.
Jane found another bunch in England.
I thought you'd like to see one of the jackets for our drawings.

Also, two ideas for Independents' Day this Sunday:
1. A gang
It would be great if we are a gang at Independents' Day, that way we can take turns and go browse the rest of stalls. As I am helping with the screening of Independents' Day I will have to go off now and then.
Will you come and command? Please? :]]

2. Tablecloth, tablepaper
We can make it into a game, I was thinking of covering our table with a large piece of drawing paper and spending the day covering it in collage, drawings, fingerprints, etc.

The fair is 12 to 5pm.
Up for it? Drop a comment, please, say what you think. :]


Monday, November 1, 2010

Illustration of Anna Bhushan

Many more unique and fascinating images here : http://www.annabhushan.com
Just come across this very special work which I can not resist sharing!

Tinderbox Heartstrings Collective ...song drawings. It is all under control really ...really)

Hi everyone , just a quick hello and to say a massive THANK YOU to all the peeps that were able to collaborate on the project.
I am so pleased that I was brave that day and mentioned it !
The drawings are so full of life,all of them .
Well done ♥♥
I will let you know how I get on with it and hope to meet you on sunday at the independants day .
A special thank you publically to elida who is a great Robin x