Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Au Revoir Claire!

I haven't posted anything either in an age so here's the farewell card I made for Claire, who has pretty much masterminded Tinderbox from the very start, she's off to France to eat cheese, read Baudelaire & say things like "I love Paris this time of year".
Only messin, we miss you already, best of luck with everything!
(please come back & organise another exhibition!)


denise nestor said...

Brilliant as ever damo! :) We'll definitely miss Claire's input with tinderbox, she really has masterminded it all. On the other hand it may just mean that tinderbox is beginning to go international! :)

anne said...

great card damien well said

emma rowe said...

Tinderbox Inc. on its way, very pretty card Damien. I've heard a dirty rumour the French have the inter-web we will stalk her here.

Claire said...

Merci!!! Damien est vraiment trop douée! Je l'aime! I love it! Especially the croissant border! Its temporarily propped up on the bookshelf in our room...beside the Baudelaire collection ;)
Tinderbox international ...Il commence!

Michelle said...

Brilliant card damien. j'love it. Je suis ag missing claire & toma already.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Claire. I hope everything works out for you.

Claire said...

Thanks guys! (I've just been corrected in my overly ambitious frenchness - Douée should be doué cos damo isnt a girl. And 'J'aime beaucoup la carte' instead of accidently telling Damo that I love 'im!) Ah well, that'll teach me not to trust online translation!
Toma sends his lurve too.