Wednesday, November 2, 2011

'A little preview'

Dear Tindersboxers,
My apologies for zero response in the last six months as I've been extremely busy.
I really like the idea of showing some work in progress, so here I am.
I began a mentoring program in June with Ruth Le Gear, The Firestation artists studios and ADI in Dublin.
This was an amazing opportunity to access and condense my practice. We've decided to put a book together on my work and show the creative, visual process of the mentoring program which will be published by December.
Here is a little preview, it's a photo from one of our meetings at The Science Gallery in Dublin, during the exhibition 'The Beauty of Chemistry'.
I'm very excited about putting together a book on my work, so I thought I'd share it...... Thanks. Kathy

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Jane O Sullivan said...

way to go kathy ! it is exciting and thank you for sharing this enthusiasm ,its hard to make time to share work (I know ) ....but when you do it ,even tho people arent great for commenting does inspire and create interest =good thing . Look forward to hearing/seeing more.
good luck