Friday, December 2, 2011

denise nestor superstar artist .........member of tinderbox............O.M.G

Untitled by denise nestor
Untitled, a photo by denise nestor on Flickr.

for dad

She will kill me for it , but I dont care.
When I met Denise at the Tinderbox Picture Show that the founder member Clare curated back in 2010, I knew I had met a woman whom I would like to know better. (alongside my dote Elida, Clare, Damien ,and all the others on that lovely evening.).........but I never met her again as she lives too far away :(

Her work is so rich, it is so beautifully constructed.
This new piece made me cry this is a place for us to make a difference.
Thank you Denise for doing this work.


Pict-ish! said...

This is a beauty, her work is stunning, love it so much :) lovely words Jane, ur a sweetheart, I dont think she'll kill you, maybe blush a little but love you all the more x Havnt been on here in awhile hope everyone is well :) x

denise nestor said...

gosh jane. words fail me. I don't deserve such praise! but thank you. And yes, I'm blushing like crazy :) you're too kind.

Yellowhammer said...

Amazing work Denise, yes you do deserve the praise for something so beautiful.


Claire said...

I keep coming back to look at this again and again. It's so peaceful and tender and beautiful.

La viajera mas lenta. Madrid Paper Art said...

A beautiful, beautiful work!!!

Anonymous said...

Like Jane, I'm really moved by this delicate and wonderful can't stop staring.....

Noirin said...