Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tinderboxers at Independants Day!

truth is my identity
concertina book
edition of 6
jane o sullivan
she is really quite quick actually ......comic book artist extraordinaire elida maiques folding the latest edition of her comic SLOW.
jane stalling out
elida and sam ♡♡

Some members of our collective showed their work at the very recent fair, for independant publishers.
It was held in the dublin food co-op and was a celebration of D.I.Y. culture in zine , artist books,  music and crafts with a truelly independant attitude.
Elida ,Jane,Esther and Richael had a presence , it was a super turn out and a very cool atmostphere.
With bands playing, delish veggie food, with lots of appreciation and encouragement for our individual and collective works.
It was lovely to meet up with eoghan carroll, sam maiques carroll,and denise nestor....thanks guys for showing your support big time and sharing the love.
Its fantastic to know that gods and monsters is alive and kicking , watch this space for upcoming news.
We are all now really looking forward to the upcoming dublin zine fair in august.

Please post any other photos you may have of the day :)


denise nestor said...

Well done you guys, everything looked great! Was so lovely to see you all.

Shelky Bean said...

Indepentents' Day was amazing and it was great to see everyone! Roll on August! :D

Esther Moliné said...

it was a great day, well done everybody and lovely photos Jane, thanks for posting! I didn't get a chance to take many this time