Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nobrow Press. No Man's Land by Blexbolex

Flying the flag for high-quality book design, at a time when it has been described as a dying medium, Nobrow provide an independent platform for graphic art, Illustration and art comics in the UK and abroad.

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For the past few years I have been aware of the work of Nobrow, but mostly by seeing images online; that is, until my local art book shop here in Paris started stocking their books. Their style of book making is so distinctive, the paper quality, the form and content, the Nobrow books are special objects helping to remind me of the joy of books.

No man's land, by Blexbolex caught my eye in particular for its rich screen-print style.

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emma rowe said...

ohh nobrow is so good, I have a book of theirs called a graphic cosmogony, Blexbolex features amongst many interesting comic/graphic/illustration artists

Jane O Sullivan said...

always been a fave house of mine , they raise the bar , their work so desirable .
thanks for sharing claire , hope all good in your world xx