Monday, September 10, 2012

Pick Me Up - Shout Out!

Hey just found this yesterday, its a call for entries for Pick Me Up 2013.

Pick Me Up, the UK's first contemporary graphic art fair, returns for its fourth successive year in April 2013 (exact dates TBC). Somerset House invites applications from artists, collectives and galleries wishing to participate" i have been to Pick Me Up the last two years and it is a really good show in a great location in London which is heavily advertised. This is just a little tester to see who would be interesting in getting involved, workwise and helping out as there will be a lot of work but i think it would be well worth it. So if you're interested please comment below. Oh if there are any London based "Tinderboxers" please make yourself know as well as it wouldn't hurt for us to know each other anyway. It really is great event, and would be great to be involved. Applications should be received by 5pm on Friday 28 September so now is the time to get moving on it. This is little taster of last year's event: Thanks Lee & Michael


slow said...

Hey Lee,

Nice one!
I would be up for it.
This September/October I am fairly busy, but I could dedicate some time to this later on, although based in uh Valencia, Spain (for a bit).

So perhaps let us know what you would need from me, or from any participant.


emma rowe said...

Would defo be up for this