Saturday, February 20, 2010

new work

I am posting this piece here although its already been on my own blog .
It felt really good because altho it was a commission , I was able to bring it along as my own work is developing , the piece didnt feel untrue as it is virtually the same as what I am preoccupied with .
I was lucky , because the person who wanted me to make this drawing just trusted me and it was a joy to do (and it has all the symbols within it that were important to her)
I love this music from the original alt \folk genre. it is from the pretty wacky but ultimately image overload fest that is the 1973 ..... the wicker man film
I hope you enjoy it and that you are all getting loads of amazing work together for the show !!!


denise nestor said...

lovely! I especially like the soft pencil drawing of the flowers on the left. Keep it coming jane!

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks denise...I like that bit too !

ryan van runkle said...

thanks for sharing this jane. i was on your blog. i immediately connected with the 'sometimes i get discouraged' drawing which isn't entirely dissimilar from the above work. both great.

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks ryan for taking the time to look at my blog ... I have to admit that the sometimes drawing ...became the new drawing , thats how I work , I cant help it ! ...arseways , upside down , back to front etc I guess I am afraid of the blank white page
yep the line sometimes I get discouraged is from a song by the great iris de ment . (tell me about it ...its so bloody hard this art craic ...but sure its all I can do (you too I guess )

Fran said...

Hi Jane, like Denis I love the soft pencil drawing in the faded background. There's so much to see in this piece... Fan of the wicker man film too, went to the festival in Scotland about 5 or 6 years ago, it was equally as weird! in the image overload regards too!

Jane O Sullivan said...

hi fran ....thanks for your comment , I like that bit too :)
I am glad you liked the wickerman film ...I was a bit scared of it for ages ! ....but I like a lot of the images in it, love the music too
Its so nice for me that you replied ...have a lovely week !