Monday, August 2, 2010

new work in progress

whoops !!
I meant this post to go on my own blog but it went here ,and well seems a shame to not let it stay :D
(not too much to report) , but I am keeping going with some new drawings , its a good time of year to see a lot of people you wouldnt normally see.
Summer is always busy , I prefer the quieter times and have to remember that I am not an Island (challenging)
B.T.W tinderboxers , the idea for a collective response to song lyrics through drawing is still going to happen .....I am musing it along and will put up a call late aug early sept.
If anyone has any suggestions or whatnot please post them here on the comments :D
stay happy


denise nestor said...

great work as ever jane! :)

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks denise , I am not really sure of what I am doing at the mo , just drawing when I can .....

Kathy O' Leary said...

Nice work!

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks kathy !

Claire said...

Hi Jane. I'm really glad you posted these here, even if it was accidentally.
That last one has a real vulnerability to it. The dark 'curtains' and deep shadow behind the figure give the feeling that she is under a stage spotlight. Her slightly bowed head and self-conscious pose add to the sense of tenderness.
Nice work.

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks for making my day claire x