Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Hi there fellow Tinderboxers.
I wonder if you have all heard of Threadless? They're a very well-known tshirt company that receives illustrations from the general public. If your illustration/design is selected, it goes up for voting in their public forum. After 7 days, if you have enough votes from the forum, they print your tshirt and give you lots of delicious cash-money!

Can you help me get my design printed by going to Threadless and scoring it? Pretty please? You have to create an account, but its quick and painless! I often go to threadless just to look at all the fabulous designs that are submitted.
Anyhoo, my design is a silly tee/onesy for kids that somehow got selected for consideration. WOOHOO!

Also, all you talented tinderboxers should give it a go.
Wish me luck and thanks for voting :)


Jane O Sullivan said...

yay !!
whats not to love , claire and unicorns !!
done it , voted (good luck)

denise nestor said...

this is fantastic claire!! I just voted for you. it deserves to get through anyways. Keep us posted :)

emma rowe said...

I love treadless I have far too many of their tees, it looks good, I shall vote for you