Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hi everyone - any news on the possible exhibition in London? If any help is needed in the setting up or planning let me know..


slow said...

I am interested, and I may have a couple of drawings ready for it.

Also, I was talking to Emma Rowe and we agreed to co-edit a Tinderbox zine soon, so we could edit it (loosely) as a catalogue for the London exhibition.
(London exhibition! that sounds good!)

Does anybody know what was the exhibition space?

Kathy O' Leary said...

Yes, I'm curious too......

Esther Moliné said...

I'm definitely interested too! Will we do an exhibit with a common theme or a best work showcase? (I vote for the second option) Here's the original post by Lee about this:
and info about the venue, a coffee shop:
Great idea about the zine and the catalogue, count me in! Remember I have 12 euro of kitty money that could be used to cover some of the printing costs

Michael said...

Hi Guys,

On the London exhibition, unfortunately that particular venue for that time fell through.

But there is a possibility of a market/pop-up shop event there before christmas there which would be great.

We are looking for other venues now and will keep everyone posted to any updates. Probably be after the Summer I'd reckon.

In meantime, another zine is good idea. Maybe the zines could be bi-monthly? Just a thought.



Kathy O' Leary said...

Michael, That's a shame re venue but let's not give up.
later in the year sounds good anyway.
A zine in the meantime could be a great way to see the work involved...

Esther Moliné said...

Yes, that is a pity but thanks a lot for trying, Michael and Lee, and hope something comes up for afer the Summer. The market/pop-up shop event sounds good too. And yes, the zine could be a great way of getting the work together. Any ideas about the form it will take, will it have a common theme or be more open?

Michael said...

Nah no need for a theme (I think). Just collection of people's recent work every 2 months.

Esther Moliné said...

Sounds good to me. Will it be printed in colour or black and white?

slow said...

I would go for black and white because:
a) Is cheaper.
b) We are flooded by ads and computer images in colour. So b/w may be refreshing and more focused.

We've done A5 vertical and A6 vertical.
I'm tempted by A5 landscape..
What do you Tinderboxers think?

:] elida.

Esther Moliné said...

Black and white is perfect for me. I already have a few possible submissions in mind, I'll post them soon. A5 landscape seems good to me!

noirin said...

Hi zine to be produced as a more regular thing sounds good..might develop into something bigger! And might get me to get a bit more focused on producing work :)
I've not been involved in the actual making of any of the zines to date - if it were to become a regular thing, should we have a sort of list of who is designing/printing each one before hand..or am I over thinking this?

That's a real shame about the venue falling through..Thanks for putting the work in guys..The pop up sounds great, and something to work towards.
I'll keep an eye out for any venues also that might be good for holding a show at and will pass on if i do spot something..over the summer would be good or late summer maybe..