Friday, April 29, 2011

Shameless Self Promotion

Hi Guys,

Thought it was good idea to get my arse in gear and set up site for some of my work.

Thanks to Emma for the heads up, Society 6 is great site, really easy to use. 

Was thinking maybe we could also set up Tinderbox page, everyone does piece especially for it, and any profits could go towards future exhibitions etc. 




Yellowhammer said...

Looks great Michel, was looking at Society 6 recently- a brilliant site.

The Tinderbox store sounds intriguing too, it could be our next collaboration!

Esther Moliné said...

I think it's a really great idea about the Tinderbox store, I'm on for it! Must set up a page for myself here too, thanks, Emma for passing it on. Love the stuff you have there Michael, specially the don't mess with me character!

Claire said...

I reckon a tinderbox page is a great idea. It could be a forum to sell zines and art prints. I just set up my society 6 and am looking into too.

Thanks for the push guys

slow said...

Ooh! I remember this print from one of the Tinderbox exhibitions, that is a cool print.
Well done!

I am ready to do a piece for a Tinderbox page on Society 6. Happy to contribute!