Thursday, October 20, 2011

Breaking Bad

I've been very lazy of late both doing new stuff and posting on here, so here's a drawing I did in Photoshop of Walt from Breaking Bad. I added the watercolour splashes to hint at the violence in the show and I also like the texture in the blue splash as it looks a bit like a chemical reaction. And of course he cooks blue crystals!
He has such a great face for drawing, great lines and full of character.


Eleanor McCaughey said...

thats awesome!i love Breaking Bad, cant believe we have to wait for another season again.booo!

Jane O Sullivan said...

hey ho damo , good to hear from you , I dont know about breaking bad but I can sense his character from your strong drawing ,how do you draw on photo shop (duh..) is it with a tablet , like a stylus type thingy ...?

Damien said...

Thanks, Eleanor & Jane! Yeah I'm still catching up on Season 4 so am trying not to go through it too fast as there won't be another season for months....and then it's the last one!
Yeah I use a Wacom tablet, I find you can't get the same fine detail as a pencil or pen but it is handy for doing stuff quickly and forces me to be a bit looser with my lines.

noirin said...

Yo Art! Already have breaking bad withdrawals..the eye's are spot on..