Wednesday, January 11, 2012

a lovely positive heads up for the tinderbox family :)

 Tinderbox presence at last years Dublin zine -fair
photo sarah bracken
Hi guys ,as you know we were there at the first zine fair and this year it would be ideal for those who are interested to get involved. I am sharing this email with sarahs permission,she sent it to all the contributors. Jane xxx 
also......take a peek at the dublin zine-fair  link below and think how tinderbox as a community could really have a super stall full of  publication/s and be involved in some kick ass d.i.y art history in the making. 

Hey everybody,
Happy New Year to you all!
I hope you are all ready for another year in independent publishing!

In November I was lucky enough to attend the first ever Berlin Zine Fest. I was amazed by how well it was organised. It was a full weekend event. The opening hours were: Sat 10am until 12pm!! and Sunday 10am - 6pm.

There were loads of great free workshops, talks and zine readings. As well as a spoken word night and gig!
I want the Dublin Zine Fair to grow this year, have it a full weekend long and have workshops and events at it.
I would love to have a zine made over the weekend, the "Dublin Zine Fair Zine 2012", anyone can submit a page to it. They do this at the London Zine Symposium and they did one in Berlin too. It's a really brilliant souvenir from the event.

So it got me thinking, if I want it to grow I'm not going to be able to do it all alone. So I'm writing to you guys to see if any of you are interested in joining the Dublin Zine Fair team, to help organise and promote the fair,  and mostly to help with things on the weekend and to make sure workshops and events run smoothly.

I'm writing now to give you loads of notice, and time to think about it.
I will call the first meeting for the event in April.
Let me know if you are interested!
Sarah Bracken
Dublin Zine Fair Founder


lee pitman said...

Wish i could come and see it sadly because geography i can not help you at the event put i would be very interested in it submitting if its possible. If not keep up the good work! Lp

Jane O Sullivan said...

I hope you can Lee, at the moment I cannot commit to organizing a zine for the fair from tinderbox ....I am really hoping that another member may do this , but I sure can offer up a ton of ideas and encouragement .
Do keep in touch , of course your work can be included and you will be there in spirit , even if you had your own zine it could go on the stall :)
I will do the fair as an independant artist , but also as a member of tinderbox.

Sinéad Mc Kiernan said...

Happy weekend lads and ladies!
When is the zine fair? I could get up for it to help. I might also get a zine together for it. Havnt been to one before, not too sure of the drill

Jane O Sullivan said...

contact sarah ....probs end of august as was last years.
Be great if you could suggest a collaborative zine sinead , as an open submission call here at tinderbox (if you had the time) ....???? :)