Saturday, January 14, 2012

Printing on Felt - Not sure what to do next....Make them into Cards?


Jane O Sullivan said...

I LOVE these sinead , make them into felt books the old fashioned needlecases which looked like little books ...the pages being where the needles were stored.....what about a zine within them ?
They are really lovely ,I am thinking of making some different books and want to use vintage material as a base ;)

Jessica Maybury said...

Wow they're gorgeous! I never once thought of that. Beautiful.

Claire said...

I think they'd make great notebook covers! Sew the cover to a block of white paper with a card back.
I may just be particular obsessed with notebooks though.
Nice work Lady!

Damien said...

Really nice designs/patterns Sinéad. Not sure how big the pieces are but they'd also make nice ipod covers if they were folded over and stitched round the edges.