Thursday, August 6, 2009


Part of a banner i'm doing for "Some blind alleys".
Work in progress.
ps. I was referencing this bloke's style NEB


cooee design said...


Quite disturbing though, hate anything to do
with poking the eye area.

Claire said...

Not a big fan of eye-ball interference myself. The client wanted something a little bit disturbing though, so, there you have it. Wait til you see the next round, apparently this wasn't disturbing enough. It's not often you get an email saying :I would like to see both the guy's hands actually IN his head".

Anonymous said...

Jeeps you got the style down to a T. It's really cool there's a real disturbing look on his face. Looking forward to part deux

denise said...

nice work claire! Can't wait to see the even more disturbing version!!