Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Deadly Tunes!

My buddy John has an excellent radio show on Near 90.3fm every Tuesday at 10pm. He plays all sorts of stuff; jazz, blues, hip-hop, 60s garage, soul, reggae, electronica, classical etc!

It's (non-profit) community radio so it can be hard to pick up if you're not on the northside, but you can listen (and watch!) here. Scroll down and turn on the video feed.

This week he'll be playing amongst other things: three live tracks by the Velvet Underground, some Ornette Coleman, Koko Taylor, Third Eye Foundation, Taylor Deupree & Chris Wilits and The Jazz singer himself... Neil Diamond.

So if you're looking to liven up your Tuesday evening, give it a go. Sign up to the blog and Facebook page if you feel so inclined.

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