Monday, September 28, 2009


Don't forget that the mask party is this Friday in Toners of Baggot street, Dublin! YEAY!
We're meeting there this evening (Monday) 6.30 to finalise a few things, so if anybody wants to help out on the night, join us there. Otherwise see y'all on Friday.
It's in support of our exhibition with a donation going to Punho Forte, so if you feel like contributing more than €5, it would be greatly appreciated.
Tell friends and friends of friends to come along and support!


emma rowe said...

I m all excited but worried cos that mean exhibition is soon, I ve been gessoing me mdf today

Claire said...

MEAN exhibition? nooooo! Lovely exhibition! Good, nice exhibition! Exhibition that now includes a nice little gig on the saturday night, friendly, nice, friend, frieennnnnnnnnnd!

noirin said...

I'm having mask-making-creative-block-syndrome..i think..might have to go to the doctor about it..

Claire said...

It's a common complaint Noirin. I find that rubbing tomato relish into my knees helps quite a lot. But you know these old-wives remedies, you can never be sure if it's just a placebo or not.
"Relish on the knees, mask-making comes with ease"... worth a try.

noirin said...

mmm relish - worth a go! (you'll see the results of this remedy tomorrow night and judge for yourself!)