Sunday, May 30, 2010

New collage: Slither

Collage. Fabriano paper, mixed media, 36x26 cm.

Living is to slither by, you repeated,
catching our existence sideways
or see it from afar, high above,
with the perplexity of the beholder.
Those who knew you say
you lived this way, there was nothing
or anyone who might deviate
even one inch of the line
that yougave it your path.
That ambushed path led to
a house lost in the wilderness.
On that stony and eroded
under the blazing light of summer,
drawing a precise shade
the final shock of your loss.
In the sanctuary you set
a dangerous view of the world.
You pleaded with the gods often
not to punished us with misfortune
(Capable in its zeal to destroy us)
without first teaching what is important:
the fragile transparency of life.

Álvaro Valverde

Have a beautiful weekend!

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