Thursday, May 27, 2010

sometimes the otherside is more inviting .......

just photographed this drawing from the backside and I prefer it ! than the right side.
the truth lies between
ink marker gouache and pen on tissue paper

I am having a nightmare trying to comment on tinderbox posts, I have re loaded , cleared caches etc ....just feel so cut off and want to say hi to everyone , I have wanted to comment on lots of recent posts and really just say (small piGlet voice ....hi everyone) , I miss you all and lets do something together real soon huh ...even just post up a idea for a blog sited collaborative project ie.two artists corresponding and developing art together .

For those who are interested in the symbolism of rabbits and hares this is a great read :)
open submission call for experimental art work for elevator gallery london


emma rowe said...

hello jane!!!
posting my end has being experiencing some gremlins too. i find if i press return a few times type something and press my mouse button the text will suddenly appear. but thanks for the link. I did some a print workshop a few months ago and used hares images. in irish folklore its quite interesting the hare was often the wayward women, the witch figure, the non conformist, while the male figure in stories was at times a priest, who represented conformity, and order. my text was - the priest represent order but the hare the was the witch. I'd like to see a zine again, maybe that could be a basis for something soon.

Ciaran.L said...

Beautiful piece, Jane, I actually can't decide which side I prefer... which must be frustrating when it comes to displaying it (the inky splotches make more sense to me on the reverse side, though then again its a shame to lose the hare). I've also been having the odd glitch when trying to comment, hopefully this one will appear.

La viajera mas lenta. Madrid Paper Art said...

Jane, it's beautiful...on one side and on the other ...I like very much!

Germain Bailly said...

Hi Jane, really beautiful work, I like it !!