Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I feel at home when the unknown surrounds me

guys,look if I dont blow my own little silver trumpet, then who, tell me who will (huh ?)
happy to report a result
This is a drawing I made for a submission call to carpaccio magazine based in Spain.The line is from a Bjork song (wanderlust) and the video is wonderful .
The theme is inspired by this line from miss Bjorks song,hence the issue will be various artists responses to same.
I see our esteemed collective member miss D. Nestors beautiful work was chosen for last months call,she is obvs much more secure than me and didnt need to tell the world :)
Anyways guys , the call for submissions is every month and it is a most imaginative publication , blog etc.
So take a look and see if it interests you .
Also , I want to propose a tinderbox drawing exhibition to be made online , ie.on our blog SOON SOON .
Simple , something inspiring , hopeful and that would bring us all together collectively.
We could put it up on a seperate flickr page or something ?
Tinderbox Top Twenty or the tinderbox heart strings collective or we are collectively moved
I know , everyone send in a line of a song that really moves them(+ a link so others can see\hear it on youtube etc)
then we can all respond to one that appeals most to us...what you think??
I hope that you are all having a good summer.(loving the new header claire of mr d. martins beautifully cut letters )
jane xx


Daria Hlazatova said...

beautiful drawing! carpaccio magazine is really cool! and your idea of collective work is lovely!

denise nestor said...

congrats jane!! We may be in an issue together! Issue 16, right? Of all the magazines in all the world :)

denise nestor said...

By the way, this piece is beautiful!

Damien said...

toot toot! well done Jane, that piece is lovely, once again I love how all the different materials work together & love the hand rendered type

noirin said...

Well done! - love the idea of an online exhibition - can have the originals available for sale through paypal or somthing like this..though how you go about setting this up iv no idea :)

Claire said...

Love this piece Jane. Looks brilliant in Carpaccio. And yes please to the online exhibition. Its a brilliant idea. Well done you.

Jane O Sullivan said...

hello all .....I hope you dont mind me changing the comment box to a pop up :)
I can comment again and it feels great.
Firstly thanks very much for the good wishs ,I really appreciate them (you know yourselves/maybe not.... how hard it is to keep da ol' art going,you know the kids and market stall and the dogs .........)
NOW ....the song title inspired drawings.
Will we go for it ??, everyones a bit scattered , time of year etc, but if anyone wants to start now go right ahead .
I will make a special post again in a few weeks time.
butterflies drowned in wine
I'm headed back to the end o' time ....(smog)
um , well , perhaps not that one jane ! love smog tho !

slow said...

Beautiful work.
Tinderbox heartstrings absolutely.

Anonymous said...

Lovely picture Jane :) Thanks for posting the Carpaccio magazine!!

emma rowe said...

sounds like a great idea, I m not in Ireland at the moment so I'm separated from my work but will defo get into the thinking went i m back

emma rowe said...

p.s. great piece jane, what a great line, i love the way it sprouts from her head

Jane O Sullivan said...

thats cool emma , I hope that you are enjoying your time away
I am at the gathering stage , just putting the idea out there and I feel it will work when all the hens are home to roost ...say september .
I am glad you like the piece ...glad glad x