Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ZINE 4/circus

Hello all,

I thought you would like to see the cover of the ZINE 4/circus.
The beautiful original artwork is by Claire Gallagher and I just messed with the text.
Hmmm. Summer Edition went well.
I sold a few of my own Slow fanzines, along with the issues from Tinderbox Zine2 /In These Shoes, Zine 3/Picture Show (thank you Michelle!) and the Zine 4 (Circus).
Thank you all for participating and visiting at Summer Edition!
And.. I have learnt that next time I do need more time to do a good job of it so, no more mad, crazy deadlines coming from this corner. Just mildly crazy I hope...



Claire said...

Yeay! Well done! Can't wait to get my see the full zine. Fair play to you Elida (+ all the contributors).

slow said...

Hey Claire,

Thank you!
I will post it to you, although I am still thinking of a bprint...