Friday, July 16, 2010


Hi all,

Sorry for the late late notice, but
the other day talking to Damo and Denise,
we thought it'd be a good idea to publish our zine nr. 4
for the Summer Edition artbook event.

The zine format: A5 in colour

Damo had the good idea of perhaps using artwork from the CIRCUS exhibition.
So I will give it a CIRCUS cover, but anything goes.
Please send 300dpi files (pdf, jpeg, tiff) to elida.maiques[at] no later than next Wednesday June 21.
Really sorry for the stoopid deadline। I promise to be better next time.


Jane O Sullivan said...

why not , I think I got you all stirred up hey !!
no probs elida, its only a case of emailing da jpegs we can do it .
Its a busy and distracted time of year huh ?
I am glad you like the idea for the song drawings , ,our next project I hope.
Go Girl Go x

Claire said...

I"M IN! I'll send you on high-res editable artwork for the circus poster and maybe a submission too. Brilliant idea.

emma rowe said...

I'd love to but I'm not in Ireland but will do my best to fine something

slow said...

Thank you all for those submissions. Still open til Wednesday...

Emma, enjoy your holidays, if you can send something, brilliant. If not, well Jane said it, she got us all stirred up!

Hmmm... Whoever is around, will see the spanking new Tinderbox Zine 4 on Saturday at Filmbase!
Hope to see your happy faces there!

slow said...

And Claire!!
Great to read you!

It'd be great to have Tinderbox stuff there.
The guys from Summer Edition said last year some 400 people visited. I am impressed. :]

denise nestor said...

Great job elida! Everything looked great yesterday. Thanks for putting zine number 4 together as well as having your own work to do. Much appreciated! :)

slow said...

Thank you all.
Hmmm good health is indeed above wealth.

So, in the spirit of good health and more polished zines, next time I will give it at least three weeks!