Thursday, September 9, 2010

Its here !!

Its here !!
The first autumnal collaboration.
The Tinderbox Collective (thats all of you guys okay thats like um over 60 drawings yeah :D )
Seriously for all tinderbox members whose medium of choice is drawing and members that may want to draw but dont normally are specially welcome :D
please pay attention !!!

Please do not be shy , we are mentors for each other ,all applications will be in this show ...okay .
It is a show of solidarity to tinderbox , what it means to us ,the chance to make work which has only our best interests at heart.

The tinderbox heartstrings collection of song drawings .

what to I have to do ?
**make a drawing in homage/response/dialogue/reply
to a line that really does it for you in a SONG that you love ♥
**by friday october 15th 2010
** email drawing to me jane
thats it
do have fun and really get to know your chosen line, you can incorporate it in the drawing if you want ,it is a great starting point...let the drawing lead you .......... .you know you want to .
comment if you are in and when we have them ,we will collectively decide what to do then (forget that now and be in the moment)
...toodles x


slow said...

Jane, thanks for setting that ball rolling.
I am in!


Trisha McNally said...

Sweet! I'm in. x

emma rowe said...

oh I ve being thinking over songs for a while, I ll have to get to it, the drawing first hmmmmm, thanks jane

Claire said...

Brilliant! I'm in! Haven't been drawing in a bit. This is the perfect excuse to get the pencils out.

Michelle Cunningham said...

Yes I am definitely in too. Haven't drawn in aages. Great idea too