Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One Second Film: Moonlight


I am still quite bad at keeping up with Tinderbox, but here you are: the latest crop of our weekly animation meet. I think it doesn't really work, there is too much movement involved, three different actions narrated in one second. I think I have to show just one.
So, I think you will see a second version soon.
In the meantime, howwwwwwwl!

By the way, Damo, fantastic austronaut cartoon. Great indeed.
My internet connection is too weak to see the film you posted, but I will try!



Jane O Sullivan said...

well I love it and I want to see more elida :D
Well done you for making work and showing it , isnt that what we are supposed to be doing ?
keep doing it , make it longer and maybe slo mo would be fun for the little figures with some typeface flowing in and around them (type as actual characters ??)
omg donostia was fantastic !

B.T.W....tinderbox people !!
drawings from our heartstrings will be announced very soon , so please all watch this space ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
jane x

slow said...

Ah yeah Jane!
I can't wait for that soulful song project of yours.

About the typefaces... I'd have to investigate about layering film.

More films, yeah, I will post the ones I have up here.
And I do welcome advice and ideas, as Claire said, not only praise, a bit of advice of healthy questioning..

Typefaces as characters: I know two, C is a dragon/snake, reaching for its tail; h is a silent wind horse. That is for sure.


Damien said...

ha, I like it! needs some dun-dun-dun music at the moment of transformation! I want to see more, it already looks better than twilight new moon!