Saturday, September 25, 2010

Remed Art

French-born graffiti artist Remed is often labeled one of the hardest workers on the field. Take a look at the volume of work that he has produced in the last few years. He must never take a break.

I'm really enjoying how he mixes vintage illustration styles with a contemporary flavour.


Michelle said...

ooooh i want that first one on my wall size massive!

Damien said...

really like his style, nice find!

Jane O Sullivan said...

what beautifully made work and all the more poignant as it is left to its own defences in the street.
thanks for sharing it miss claire.
..........I am not jelous that you are swanning around la belle Paris :( !!
B.T.W guys , I hope you are drawing away goodo for the tinderbox heartstrings song drawing call
hmmm ??