Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Elida's banners

Hey everyone, here's my first submission of banners for Tinderbox. I've been messing about with making a typeface & layering textures in Photoshop to give a kind of vintage screenprint effect. I've done 2 options, a colourful one & a more muted one cos I thought the colour one might look a bit kiddy?
I'll probably have a go at another banner in a different style, how's everyone else getting on?!


emma rowe said...

hey damien
nice work I like both colours, but like muted one the most, the sorta off print of the the text is neat and simple
I forgot about banners must get moving

Jane O Sullivan said...

damien , these are class
I absolutely love them BOTH ;)
the top is my fave

Esther Moliné said...

Love the style of these! I think I prefer the muted colour one too

Esther Moliné said...

P.S. My wintery one will have to go soon, not so snowy anymore!

La viajera mas lenta. Madrid Paper Art said...

Both are great!, I like the fonts and colors.

I think the colour one not look kiddy, I feel more cheerful, and always animate the long winter.

Yellowhammer said...

I like the colourful more Damien, if you come up with more post 'em up.

Claire said...

Brillo pads as usual Damo.
I'm looking forwrad to seeing them in situ.

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