Saturday, January 15, 2011

songs and questions opening

yvonne woods susan montgomery and moi !
rachel agnew missing unfortunately at time of photo

she made me think of ophelia
all work above is from a song for edith
jane o'sullivan

well its open now and thank you to my family and friends who were able to make it , you are the best :)
It was lovely to meet the other artists and I can imagine us working together one day.
My photographs came out very dark :( and that is why I have not posted any of yvonne,susan and rachels work until I get some better ones (which I will soon soon)
The gallery is run to a very professional standard by sean ,rob and sarah (thanks guys)and it was a real pleasure to work with them.

The show is on until febuary 4th and you can find out all the opening times etc here.


emma rowe said...

hi Jane
the photos here look great, and your pieces are beautiful, I find a real mystery to the object pieces too,
well done all that hard work and stress has a pay off

Germain Bailly said...

Congratulations Jane !!

Claire said...

Fair play to you Jane, it all looks beautiful. There seems to be a really nice ambiance and the work looks fab as ever! Looking forward to seeing more.

La viajera mas lenta. Madrid Paper Art said...

Congratulations Jane!

All works are wonderful, and I really like identify your art, and feel proud of your work so special and beautiful.

Go ahead, you have a lot art to give us!.

A hug

Esther Moliné said...

Congratulations Jane, your work looks wonderful, and I love that shoe-meeting photo at the end, ha, ha!

Damien said...

Congrats Jane, a lovely mix of stuff and a beautiful way of displaying it too, as usual!
i love how every little thing from the frame to the material to the wildflowers & ephemera is important to the overall feel & feeds the aesthetic of the actual pieces themselves.

Jane O Sullivan said...

hey thank s guys xxx
I am at the scary position now of having to start right at the begining again , with the solo in may (my first )
Like O.M.G ,it,ll never happen , it wont look as strong as this ...on and on and on I go , with a studio coming down with work , I am still trying to find a new way in ....
I am SO glad you like this work , it was the first time it really felt like a body of work ,and it got lucky with two outings to see it in a different setting . I have to say the gallery setting was the kindest to it, although I loved the garage show see:
Thanks for your comments , they warm me.
altho I loved esthers , is elida okay , she is very quite ?? (hello leedy x)

Sinéad Mc Kiernan said...

gorgeous! sorry where is the exhibit? want to go x

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks sinead !
its at the ballina arts centre , look at the link on the post , it finishes sat week (5th feb)
check times on the website.
let me know if you go :)

Sinéad Mc Kiernan said...

Hope to. Well Done. x

Sarah Bowie said...

Beautiful work Jane, it really creates a mood. I really love that one you won the competition with (lady with a tree etc)... Best of luck with preparations for May, just let it flow (easier said then done, i know!). Sarah x

Sarah Bowie said...

...p.s. I also love the shoes :)

noirin said...

Well done Jane! Lovely work. Sorry could not see it in person. Best of luck with the Solo!

Jane O Sullivan said...

hey thanks guys , it doesnt get any easier tho !!
I am freaked a little by the solo , it feels like the difficult second record !
I will try and be relaxed about it though....nonchalent even (!!)