Saturday, January 8, 2011

Theme: In a few minutes, Title: Inside/Outside

Here's a little personal project I've been working on over the last two
wintery months, it's part of The Sketchbook project, Arthouse, NY. It's a
touring exhibition in Brooklyn, NY Austin, TX San Francisco, CA
Portland, ME Atlanta, GA Chicago, IL Washington, DC Winter Park, FL

To see more images;


Yellowhammer said...

Hi Kathy, nice sketches and great colur. Have you managed to fill the moleskin yet?'s a great project.

Kathy O' Leary said...

Hi Yellowhammer,
Apologies, just getting time to go through a long list of messages, yes thankfully finished the sketchbook, the project opened in Brooklyn on Saturday, a great response so far.
Here's a link if you would like to see the rest of my drawings and you find many more other sketchbooks there too.
All the best and thanks for the comment.