Friday, February 18, 2011

To exhibit and to show the book

To exhibit and to show the book

"The experiences are numerous. Why and how to show the book? How to represent a book in a book? How to exhibit? Lots of research and questioning that led up to these projects corpus and exhibition.
The book, containing  & content, shouldn’t be exposed as a “dead object”, in a glass box. This object is alive! Turn the pages, observe the binding details, study the graphic design… All these are required to apprehend the object but also its content and the context of the whole process.
Even in a digital and virtual context, the idea of representing and exhibiting a book still makes sense: these initiatives are the proof.
Dispossessed by multimedia from its domination in the transfer and protection of information and knowledge, and in its status of a space for artistic expression, we specially intend to demonstrate our commitment to the affirmation of the autonomy of a book which we always believed existed.
The aim of Open Books is to collect and highlight some initiatives which open our minds and our reflection. We ask ourselves questions, and here are some answers."

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La viajera mas lenta. Madrid Paper Art said...

It is a very interesting proposition, Claire.
Thank you!