Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Trust me!, an Upstart poster

Hi, guys! Walking along Capel Street I came across a few of the Upstart  posters. This one caught my attention and I had to take a photo of it, thought you'd like seeing it. Would love to know who the artist is, I love it!


Esther Moliné said...

Wonder why you can't click on the image to see it bigger. I uploaded it as normal. Any ideas?

Claire said...

Not sure whats happening there with the non-clickable image - I Love this poster though. Thanks for sharing.
I saw a few when I was in Dublin this weekend. Such a good idea, well done upstart!
Keep posting if you see any others! This fella is brilliant! I'm surprized the posters are not getting nicked!

Esther Moliné said...

Thanks Claire, I will photograph more if I see them and post them here. So great to see that kind of thing instead of the dull election posters, wish they'd nick those!

DOd said...
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DOd said...

Haha!! I can't believe I missed this post.
This is my poster and I'm thrilled you liked it enough to share it! Thank you!
That's what the whole campaign was about:
To acknowledge that there are in fact PEOPLE among us doing creative things.
Not just consumers. Not just voters during an election.
I just happened to put a subtle political slant on my illustration :)