Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Zine possibilities

Hi guys! I've been going through my photos looking for a possible image or images for the next Tinderbox zine. Would love to get your opinion about these three possibilities. I took the first photo this morning in town using my zoom trick. The other two are older shots. The one in the middle is a reflection of the Ha'Penny (obviously) of which I have a vertical version which is better than this I think, but I was thinking of Elida's suggestion for a landscape format. The last photo is an upside down reflection taken at Ballydehob (West Cork) last Summer. Could you give me your honest opinion about them? Be as critical and brutal as you like, please!
Also, I'm going to apply for a spot at the Crafty Market on Saturday the 18th of June. This would probably be too early for the new zine to be ready (would it?) but I could display some of the older zines at my stall, and any sales from them would go towards funding the next zine or any future projects of course.


Yellowhammer said...

Hi Esther,

I like the first and last one best. I think the ha'penny reflection has been done before. The other two, although being different in theme seem to work better together, they have more atmosphere in my humble opinion. Of the three I think Ballydehob is my favourite, there is a lot that draws the eye in and has almost a painterly feel to it.

Hope this helps,


Esther Moliné said...

Thanks Alan, that does help a lot. I think I'll probably go for the Ballydehob one for sure. I have other images on the theme of reflections that could go well with it also. I'll post them some other time. Yes, the Ha'Penny has been done by so many people... Have another similar reflection image that's vertical and I prefer it because the distortion is more interesting than on this one but it's probably best to stay away from something so cliche.

slow said...

I like best the last one. It is beautiful.

Esther Moliné said...

Thanks Elida, yes, the last one is go then!! Looking forward to seeing other people's entries for the zine