Friday, July 15, 2011


Merrion School of Music in Dublin 2 is opening it's doors for the first time this September. The school is calling for artwork in all styles with the themes "I love music" or "animals playing instruments". Submitted artworks will be mounted on the school walls and will be up for sale to visitors. The very final closing date for submissions is September 10th. Artists submitting work for sale are encouraged to submit in good time before the closing date. For more information contact


slow said...

Oh! This sounds like fun.
Ro, the owl is yours? I love it!

Jane O Sullivan said...

nice oppurtunity roisin ,thanks for sharing it !

Anonymous said...

mm... interesting! I love music.. :)

Anonymous said...

I wish the owl was mine! Yes, the school office is open to receiving pictures from 8th August. The artwork must be framed but you can put any price you like on your work and the school will display it for sale on the walls! Email the school for the guidelines