Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Damo larging it up papercutting in a canadian bed !

As you may know mr d.martin is at present gadding about over in the land of the maple leaf......but for those of you missing him (lots are, believe me)
here is a super image of him.
Only thing is I think he has aged an awful lot and his work seems to be going down hill....I mean Damo , where exactly is your x-acto knife, cutting board all seems a little too casual ?

on the other hand this image could possible be some upstart artiste name of h.matisse , presently to be seen , his work , not him here.


Jane O Sullivan said...

that was ledge jane !!!!

well if no-one is going to comment , see if I care !!
I thought it was really funny and as I posted this for elida ...well she is kinda of busy at the moment , so its understandable xx

denise nestor said...

aw jane, it is funny! I just checked the blog today :) its like a glimpse into the future eh!? haha.

Damien said...

haha! have you been drinking Jane?!
Hadn't been on the blog in a few days what with all my gadding about! it was a nice surprise to come back to!

Jane O Sullivan said...

no promise damo :)
me and elida were at the matisse exhib and both thought of you when we saw the matisse cutting out and she dared me to put it on the blog and well I did and I am glad I did , hope you are well , well , well x

Claire said...

hee hee, nice one Jane.
Must check that out next time I'm in Dublin.

slow said...


I was wondering! Now I visit the blog for the first time in... two weeks and look this beauty!
Damien you are looking good, really. The beard suits you.
:] good work, Ms O'Sullivan!