Sunday, July 31, 2011

gather your thoughts for the zine fair ....WE have a table ...whaddya gonna bring to it ?

may you realise that which is in your heart...
pencil gouache ink on paper
super chuffed that my drawing was selected for the upcoming edish of carpaccio magazine.
Check the site for submission guidelines etc.

Hi guys , hope ye are all well (enough)
as emma mentioned a while back we that is the tinderbox community have secured a stall at the dublin zine and artists book fair to be held in the ranelagh arts centre 12-5 saturday 27th august.
I have a seperate stall with a friend and it is next to the tinderbox stall.....but I do hope there will be lots of tinderbox people able to be there too.
please add a comment if you can make it.
Any ideas folks as what to display on our collective stall, other than the already made tinderbox zines , YOU are totally encouraged to bring your zine\book based art along .....can you ? will you ? do do do.


denise nestor said...

great piece jane, congrats! nice to see new work from you!

Good luck with the book fair! I'd be there if I could, I'm too busy soaking up the sun here in sunny Toronto... sorry, just had to rub it in :)

Esther Moliné said...

beautiful drawing and congrats on it being selected for that magazine, brilliant! Unfortunately the fair is on the same day of the People's Photography exhibition at St Stephen's Green, where I got a spot, but I'm sure I could arrange for one of my prints or something to be there!

Pict-ish! said...

Congradulations Jane :) its a beautiful piece!I love the delicate line drawing contrast with the blocked in shapes of colour,and the natural elements!
I'm hoping to be at the fair, and have some zine style work also, I'm looking forward to it, Ive never been to one before and have wanted to see more zine stuff as it's all new to me,look forward to meeting everyone who can make it!

slow said...

Hey Pict-ish! It'd be great to meet you in Ranelagh. I will be going, but I really cannot stay long.

Apart from Emma, and myself (me a couple of hours only, I will be carrying around a little monkey of roughly three weeks of age)... who would be up for this fair, to wo/man the Tinderbox community stall?


PS Jane, lovely, lovely drawing! Hope to see you too at the fair, you gotta meet Sam Carroll here.

PS I will bring the zines and my own zines and a couple of framed drawings to our stall, along with milk carton wallets...

Claire said...

That's beautiful Jane. Congrats on making the carpaccio cut!

Jane O Sullivan said...

hi guys ....I have been in connemara -by-the -sea,only back now !
thanks SO much for the lovely coments

great that a few people will make the zine fair , it will be great for ideas and collaborations and lots of stuff,still a few weeks left , really do try all other tinderbox crew to make something to bring
(you can do it you know you can xx)

*****idea ...moneies made on tinderbox stall can go towards funding of new gods and monsters project ????

slow said...

Hey Jane!
Good idea about funding.

I think we can combine it:
Personally, if I sell an original drawing I would like to keep that money. However, I am making a tiny zine to sell towards the "Gods and Monsters of Tomorrow".

Also, Emma, do we have to pay for the stall at all?

:] la la la
what do you o silent readers think?

Esther Moliné said...

Hi guys! As you know I can't make it to the fair as I'll be at the Peoples's photography exhibition around the railings of St Stephen's green (I'll be more or less halfway in the stretch between the Shelbourne hotel and Leeson Street)If someone is passing the park on their way to the fair i could give you one of my prints to have there, I was particularly thinking of my 'upside down world' one which i posted here before and that will probably be on the new zine. it's such a pity it coincides with my exhibition, hope it goes really well!