Thursday, December 10, 2009

this looks like fun !

...if I was in Dublin.... I am sure that fellow tinderbox's will be doing this the fantastic thisisnotashop 3rd annual christmas art fair,I would love to contribute ...even if I sent up a piece to one of you guys , who is going to exhibit ....would you could you kindly bang it up beside yours ?...
all the details are on the link , you have to go in person with your work and put it up on the wed 16th between 2 and 8pm ....,to claim your space , its all a bit guerilla and such fun.
I know you had an exhibition there already and will know that it is closing after this exhib but will be springing up in another guise soon.
I hope ye are all well peeps x

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denise said...

This sounds good jane. I won't be around on the 16th though but hope to go see it at some stage! Thanks for letting us know about it :)