Friday, December 18, 2009

Tinderbox Zine 2 out at last!

Hi all,

Thanks for the patience and your beautiful drawings.
The ZINE 2 is ready for the streets!

I will be selling it in Dublin Flea Market this Sunday.
Claire also has a heap of them.


denise said...

I got my copy already and It looks great! Thanks Elida for all the work you've put into this, and eoghan too of course!

emma rowe said...

ohh I look forward to getting my ands on a copy

Shaunab said...

Oh wonderful. I'll pop by the stall, probably around 4.30 or so tomorrow. Have a fab Christmas everyone!

slow said...

:]] glad you like it, Denise.
Emma, wait till you see your illustrations..

Shaunab said...

I got mine at the market yesterday - they are beautifully put together and the illustrations are amazing. It's just lovely to see so many different styles, interpretations and imaginings!! Congrats to everyone involved and a big thanks to Elida and Eoghan!

The Oh-Aissieux said...

Will somebody please bring some copies of the Zine along to the StorySketch evening on Thursday 21st?