Friday, December 18, 2009

tinderbox angel.....

margaret tarrant illustration c.1920;s (for denise:)
my beloved 1970,s tree angel featured in a fashion shoot that took place in my place this morning

...hi everyone❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊
❆❆❆❆❆ just to say thanks for all the feedback and stuff , its really felt and makes the madness of this work all the more bearable.I look forward to what we can all do collectively and individually in the new year and good luck with selling the zine :)


denise said...

thanks jane! I love this illustration, of course you knew I would! :) Thank YOU for all your lovely feedback too.

I love the angel, she has a mischievous look about her :)

emma rowe said...

thanks for sharing all your work jane, look forward to seeing more and thanks also for your feed back!!!