Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Morning all and Happy New Year!
I have a friend who has just moved into a new flat and wants to Dolly it up so is looking to Frame some stuff, and her budget is pretty low, so just wondering if anyone has any recomendations for framers that are budget friendly? (in dublin)
Also we'r moving to London in a couple of weeks (eeee cant wait) but il still keep up Tinderboxing.. im hoping to spend more time on the creative side of life so hopfully Tinderbox will go international with me perhaps!!


lee pitman said...

Don't worry Tinderbox London is small but established! : )

emma rowe said...

the magic framer above grogan's is cheap but I think he is always in the pub, phoenix framersin Irishtown did really great work for relatively cheap, ikea do great frames for the DIYer.
London sounds like a great new adventure!! went is the party!

eleanor said...

good luck in london :)

noirin said...

Great thank you Emma i will pass them on.. maybe she can drag him from the pub.. or he might be better drunk - give cheaper prices..Great that Tinderbox London is established :) and Thank you Eleanor. No Party as such Emma but if you are around Thursday evening or Friday evening let us know!!