Wednesday, January 13, 2010

sad girl
ink on paper
Hi there everyone ...I have just opened a flickr page to show my work on ,its me trying to bring a little clarity to my art practice.
I love doing my blog but I feel its getting harder to find my drawings in amongst me in the snow , the dogs in the snow , oh heres a vintage angel in the snow ......lahdey dah blah blah etc. !
Its early days but I feel good about it.Hope ye are all well and warm ...looking forward to making some work within the tinderbox aura v.v soon :)


denise nestor said...

verry nice jane, really like this. And your flickr page looks great :)

Jane O Sullivan said...

cheers lots denise :)
I will still do my blog tho coz it just happens that way ...was good for me to make the move for my work as my old site is not up to date and it was killing me as I like to be in CONTROL know what I mean !

Shaunab said...

I really like this "Sad Girl", she reminds me of a character in Alice Munro's Too Much Happiness. There is a certain beauty in her sadness.

Good luck with flicker, must have a look!

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks so much for your comment shauna...I am often thinking that I would like alice munro's books ..I will try and read that story.
I am d.n.a'd to make sad girls :(....