Friday, January 29, 2010

On Being Blue (Hello)

Hi everyone, I've just joined up and wanted to introduce myself. I'm really not as active as I should be but hopefully this'll be the year for progress. My name's Ciaran and my blog is at

Here's an old drawing, which is a portrait of one of the other new tinderboxers (who'll remain nameless). It's named after one of my favourite books, a philosophical treatise / prose-poem about the colour blue, by William Gass.


denise nestor said...

Welcome to tinderbox ciaran. I had a look at your blog, love your sketches. Really like the sketch above too :)

Jane O Sullivan said...

hello ciaran...welcome aboard.
You have lots of v.interesting work on your blog , I look forward to looking at it all.
the above drawing has a fantastic line :)

emma rowe said...

hey ciaran welcome to tinderbox, some nice sketches there on your blog

Ciaran.L said...

Thanks guys, I'm very flattered, as I'm familiar with how good your own work is :)