Thursday, January 7, 2010


Tinderbox in 2010
What do we want to achieve / attempt / explore / share ?
Please post here with ideas and suggestions for projects in 2010.
Things that are already lined up include:

More Storysketching
In association with the Narrative arts club. (What is story sketching?) This will happen before the end of January. Dates will be confirmed this week.

Tinderbox Open Forum
This is something that was discussed last year and I hope will come together this year.
The idea is that we get a speaker to prepare a brief presentation on an art / industry-related topic. The discussion/debate is open to the group in attendance to contribute to or question. The aim is that we share our knowledge and enthusiasm in an accessible way.

We are currently looking for free/cheap venues for another open show in March/April. That's pretty soon so any info or suggestions would be very welcome.

Please post your feedback / ideas here.


Toma Lione said...

Tinderbox goes International

noirin said...

I like that idea Toma - London? I will try my best to get us somewhere there to exhibit - it can be my first project. Well my second - first we have to find a flat!

Susan Levinsohn said...

The ideas are exciting! I'd love to help out in anyway that I can.