Monday, December 6, 2010

Tinderbox at the Crafty Market!

Hi everybody, here are some photographs of the Tinderbox basket of Christmas cards at the Crafty Market yesterday. There were some sales, some cards did better than others in that respect, but they all got looked at and admired by people, great feedback on all of them, so well done to everybody! It’s a pity some of the cards didn’t make it on time because of the snow.

The money collected in total for the cards was 25 euro. I noted down what the individual earnings were. If each person is happy for all or part of the money earned by them to go towards the funding of the next Tinderbox project let me know.

After the experience, I think a few things could have been done better display-wise, and may be for next time we could think of the following:

- Container for the cards: Although quite a few people flicked through the cards in the basket, I felt they weren’t paying attention to the dividers I’d made, I don’t think they really worked, some people were still asking me if I’d made some cards that weren’t mine! I left some cards outside the basket onto the table and those got looked at more. If I’d had more space I’d have put more cards onto the table like that. May be next time if a table is just booked for Tinderbox cards or another project they could all just be spread onto the table. Also some of the cards, like Elida’s, had a lot of interesting detail on the inside but when people were flicking through they were just looking at what was on the cover.

- Pricing and information about the cards: as the prices of the cards varied I decided not to put a price onto Claire’s poster and just let people ask. I had a separate sheet with all the details but I didn’t have room to put it beside the basket. I feel a lot of people don’t buy something when they don’t see the price is right there, are reluctant to ask. Halfway through I put on a little sticker onto the table saying ‘hand-made cards from 2 euro’ and may be it was just coincidence but there were some sales made after that. I should have put that onto the space Claire left on her poster but at the time I thought it would spoil it. Again, just spreading the cards onto a table would have been better for that. Prices and other information about the cards could have been put on clearly beside each set of cards.

So anyway, I think it was a great experience, well worth it. Thanks a lot to everybody that took part and that helped me with the preparations and on the day of the market.

If anybody hears or can think of another opening for the Tinderbox Xmas cards before Christmas we could get all the cards together again, but I won’t be able to organize it this time, too busy! But there’s always next year. May be we could book a table just for the Tinderbox Christmas cards between a few of us, what do you think, one with space for two people at least to sit behind, we didn’t have that this time! May be other artwork could be displayed along with the cards too.

Well, in the meantime, just in case I don’t visit the blog again before, HAPPY CHRISTMAS to everybody!


Yellowhammer said...

Happy Christmas Esther. The basket worked out well, I have to get up to the craft market sometime, looks great.

Esther Moliné said...

Thanks Alan! That market is on every Sunday, it's small but has a great atmosphere and the stalls were very good. There were some really great music acts at it too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ester, It's a good point about the dividers and prices. Perhaps the envelopes shouldn't have been in the basket too...
Me too, I'm reluctant to ask about the price. I tend to assume that if the price isn't indicated it may be too much, and if I ask I kind of give the salesperson a hope... so it's more comfortable with the stickers.

May be there is an opportunity at IFSC? Docklands Christmas Market

Esther Moliné said...

Hi Lucky Fish, thanks for that suggestion. That Christmas market at the Docklands is great, I've often been shopping at it, but I think it's quite complicated to get a stall there, you need insurance certificates, etc. Also you'd need more than Christmas cards to get a place. But if you or someone else wants to investigate further...

slow said...


Thanks a lot for organising this, and for sharing your conclusions.

What else?
I am happy to donate my earnings from the cards (4EUR, sniff!) and the 5EUR float money I gave you too.
Yay, we have 9EUR for a Tinderbox project!
(sorry, potatographic fumes are very bad for my poor brain)

Damien said...

The Tinderbox looked great, and it looks chock-full of cards, good going everyone

Esther Moliné said...

Thanks Damien! and not all of the cards were able to make it because of the snow, only got Michael's today! Well, hopefully there will be another chance for them next year!

Jane O Sullivan said...

Esther , you have been a fantastic tinderboxer and I have to say , if I could make you a nice rosette and get up to dublin , to you I would pin it on :)
and I mean that x
as you say , there IS always next year
and there IS always more

Esther Moliné said...

Thank you Jane!! I enjoyed the experience and yes, there is always more!