Sunday, December 12, 2010

Careful now

Hey there,

A drawing inspired by this month's rollercoaster: bailout, snow, ice, budget, meltdown. And the few times I fell on my bum.

I want to fine tune this drawing so advice and comments are welcome on any of its parts (drawing, text, colour, design)
Thank you!


Sinéad Mc Kiernan said...

hey great drawing! good response to whats goin on. I`d like to see the `careful now `text in italics and an exclamation mark.
but thats the only change i can think of
its cool.

Esther Moliné said...

That's brilliant Elida, so apt for the times (and the weather!). I think Sinéad's suggestion's a good idea. May be a reddish colour suggesting danger would be good too but I'm just trying to find something to say, I like the yellow too!

Claire said...

Hey Elida
I simply love your drawing style! You have such efficiency of line. The movement here is great.
The mis-aligned yellow adds to the movement and the feeling of spontaniety.

Now for my ever-pedantic typography imput -
I think the type you have used is very appropriate and the yellow says 'caution' (as in road signage, ie Caution road works ahead). I think Italics and exclaimation marks would weaken the message as it is already so strong.
The danger here would be to over-work it. It already communicates everything it is intending to.

Fine tuning... the only thing that i could suggest is that the style of overlapping yellow and black could be exploited to add to the form. EG a subtle 'brush' sweep along the back to re-enforce the contour... like shading.

I really like it though. You should propose the finished visual to the times or some editorial publications.


Yellowhammer said...

Hi Elida,

Very nice and bright, the yellow is great for surprise. I would include the text within the yellow background, to make it more of a piece.


p.s. would you kindly post a translated version of your great cavemen drawings I found on one of your sites please, we could all do with a bit more humour!

slow said...

Thank you all.
I am learning with your advice.

Yeah, I used yellow because it also implies danger.

I tried a strong shading, but didn't work for me.

Exclamation marks, I find them difficult to use well.

In the end, I tried all your ideas, see a new post above.

Thanks a lot!