Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tinderbox banners!

The question is: wanna play the banner game?
Let us all make Tinderbox banners!
Let us refresh the blog with them.

Deadline: January 8th (one whole month to think and do)
Dimensions: 818 pixels wide by 150-200 pixels high at 72 dpi
Freestyle: photograph it, draw it, paint it, stitch it, cut it, sculpt it, surprise us all.
Send to: tinderboxnetwork[at]

We will have a ton of banners to keep the blog fresh and it will be fab to see the wide variety of styles!
So that is my question!
Wanna play the banner game? 


Damien said...

I'm game!

Jane O Sullivan said...

well done elida
I was thinking the same thing yesterday , I am game too :)

emma rowe said...

I 'm in

Esther Moliné said...

Mmmm, great idea, not sure if I could come up with anything good using photographs but I'll think about it!

slow said...

Yaaay you all!

slow said...

By the way, Claire,

For people who would be drawing their banner on paper, what would be the dimensions in centimetres?

Yellowhammer said...

Great idea Slow, I'd say a lot more will follow.

Yellowhammer said...

p.s. nice dino!

slow said...

It's a self-portrait, Yellowhammer!