Thursday, December 16, 2010

Careful now 4 versions

Thank you for your feedback on this.
I am really learning a lot through Tinderbox.
Please, see the versions you suggested, all in one page.

:] elida.

PS Claire, I tried a darker shading but it was too imposing.
Also, about publishing it in the press, my idea was to send out postcards addressed to the editors of different papers, but if you can recommend another approach, I am all ears!

PS Yellowhammer, those cartoon cave men are by the fantastic Juan Giner, and very difficult to translate, but I will try.


Jane O Sullivan said...

elida , well done ,I can see this work in print media and I like the postcard idea a lot good luck :)

Yellowhammer said...

For me its the two on the left, and edging towards the bottom one...I really like the yellow, it has a good 'pop' factor.

Claire said...

The bottom left is really working. Yellowhammer's suggestion to put the text within the yellow was a great idea.

Esther Moliné said...

I go for the bottom left too, the red's too strong, I think, my suggestion wasn't so good... I hope some paper publishes it for you, they should!, and it looks like the slippy weather's coming back soon as well!

La viajera mas lenta. Madrid Paper Art said...

I agree with you, the illustration below on the left I think it works very well, the text is integrated and it seems more united ...
This illustrattion is very expressive and beautiful Elida!.
A hug!

slow said...


Thanks a lot for your comments, they did help me a lot!